Saturday, March 21, 2009

We are men of action ...

... lies do not become us.

Anybody? Yes, the Princess Bride. Wesley to the six-fingered man, who had promised Buttercup that Wesley would be released and returned to his ship. "Well spoken, Sir" and Wesley's hands were tied and he was taken into the Pit of Despair.

Translation: "let's just cut through the BS and just be honest."

Jesus had a blessing for pretty much everyone: the meek, the poor, the oppressed. But he did speak many-a word of woe to the hypocrite.

Why is it so hard to be authentic in this world?
Can we ever set aside the "desire to impress" long enough to be honest with ourselves about who we truly are?

I do it. We all do it to some degree. We keep silent, when we know people have read us wrong. We fall prey to the notion that there is this ideal to live up to, or at least we think others expect us to live up to. We all do, but some do it to the extreme.

Imagine a person who has been cheated by their spouse saying: I really don't blame [the other woman/man]. She/he was at living within their own purported morals. My spouse is portraying him/herself one way and acting another. Hypocrisy! Painful to hear, but true!

Even the most vicious person garners some respect, when they openly admit who they are.

How hard it is for some outwardly staunch Christians, who get "found out".
We see them cry, "Forgive me lord, for I have sinned".
We listen to more lies, "I simply have a drinking problem".
And the most annoying theology out there, "the devil made me do it".

We all have two people within us: the one, who our mind tells us we would like to be, and the one who our actions demonstrate we really are. Hypocrites are those whose two people are strangers.

Yes, this is not just a theoretical blog. This past week has found me immersed into trying to help a friend introduce the strangers within. This friend will be challenged to pick one or the other and be authentic. I am hopeful that the "right" choice will be made, but I could live with the other as long as it was honest. At least, then you know what you're getting.

As you wish!